Super-Block Gelling Anti-channeling Cement Slurry System

 2017-01-12 16:22:36 click

177.8mm production casing was applied in a cement job for a well in southwestern China.The well has a very narrow pressure window, with measured average equivalent mud density of 1.58g/cm3 in gas layer. Overflow occurred at 1.60 g/cm3, while great loss occurred at 1.65 g/cm3. This slurry system was chosen for cementing from 4650m to the surface with temperature difference between the top and bottom of cementing interval up to 70 °C. As a result, no mud/slurry loss or gas channeling appeared, and the top cement (wellhead) was hardened after 21hrs WOC. This system successfully enabled the cementing for a complex well with long cementing interval under a large temperature difference.

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