Services related to workover and fishing

SPT has the top-class engineering and technical staffs and full package workover tools. Through close cooperation with top domestic researches institutes, the Oilfield is capable of design and fabrication of new tools. In addition, it may provide technical services for sophisticated workover operations. With consideration to specific bottom- hole conditions, the Oilfield may perform analyses and researches to optimize suitable operational plans. In addition, the Oilfield is capable of providing tools, technical services for various bore-hole situations to provide technical supports to prevent or eliminate bottom-hole accidents.
♦ Fishing and stuck removal under complicated situations
It is possible to provide operational plans, tools and technical services for fishing and stuck removal operations in high-pressure wells, super-deep wells and under other complicated situations.
♦ Channeling sealing
As for ultra-fine cement blocking techniques, it is possible to provide operational plans, ultra-fine cements, preparation, blocking tools and on-site technical services.
♦ Gravel packing
As for formations with sand production, it is possible to provide plans for prevention of sand production, design and implementation of gravel fracturing and packing. As for formations with low pressures, on-site technical services are available for sand-carrying and packing by using nitrogen foam.
♦ Renovation of deformed and damaged casing pipes
It is possible to provide renovation plans and tools. In addition, it is possible to perform re¬enforcement of expansion pipes and to provide on-site technical services.
♦ Continuous nitrogen-foam sand washing and fishing in horizontal wells
As for wells with leakages at low pressures and horizontal wells with hard sand bed, it is possible to provide sand washer, continuous nitrogen-foam sand washing and on-site technical services.

| Service Value
> Features
bore, renovation, countermeasures and other operations can be performed. Such operations include inspections, fishing, and cutting; reverse buckling, additional connection, re-enforcement, drilling, milling, re-formation, side-tracking, pump inspection, liner sand prevention and other activities.
> Solution
• Renovation of damaged, deformed, twisted and disengaged casing pipes;
• Fishing and milling of lost fishes;
• Removal of sand and water production, wax and scales;
• Cement squeezing for sealing of layers with leakage or channeling;
• Cement plugs can be isolated or repaired pro-perly.

| Service Cases
At present, we have carried out nearly 300 wells-times of workover and fishing operations mainly in Tarim, Sichuan and Chongqing, including over 20 rare high-difficulty complex wells, most of which are slim hole wells, ultra-deep wells and unconventional wells. The success ratio of the workover and fishing operations is up to 88%.
We have successively completed workover operations for over 200 wells, including over 120 wells more than 600m deep, over 160 wells of more than 120℃ in temperature, over 10 wells with the sulfur content of >5000PPa, 1 well with the sulfur content of >100000PPa, and over 50 wells with open hole sections. There are over ten times of completed and ongoing fishing contracting operations with risks. We have completed workover operations for over 30 national-level high-difficulty complex wells and about 3 world-level high-difficulty complex wells. The success ratio of workover operations is kept at over 90%, and especially the success ratio of complex workover operations for ultra-deep wells is high.
SPT has obtained 6 national patents in this field and also has 2 national patents being examined and approved and 3 patents being tested.

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