Workover Engineering Services

1. Workover
♦Fishing and stuck removal under complicated situations
With fishing tools for various fishes, together with auxiliary shocking stuck removal tools, reversing tools and cutting tools, it is possible to perform fishing and stuck removal operations under complicated situations.
♦Channeling sealing
In addition to perform sealing operations to channeling outside of casing pipes, formation channeling, damaged casing pipes and abandoned production layers, optimized sealing techniques and ultra-fine cement sealing operations can be deployed to enhance sealing performances.
♦ Drilling and milling operations
By adopting state-of-art alloy overlay welding techniques and with design and fabrication capacities for various drilling and milling tools, and through combination of standardized processes, drilling and milling operations can be performed to wellbore.
♦ Renovation of deformed and damaged cas¬ing pipes
Hydraulic pressing, shock re-formation, milling and cement injection, re-enforcement of ex¬pansion pipe, installation of liner and other pr¬ocesses can be adopted for deformed and da¬maged casing pipes of various types.
♦ Continuous nitrogen-foam sand washing and fishing in horizontal wells Continuous nitrogen-foam sand washing and sand washer can be adopted to wash the hard sand bed to minimize pollution in formations and to enhance sand-washing efficiency; fishing techniques in horizontal wells.
♦ Operations in abandoned wells Renovation and sealing of boreholes can be performed in abandoned wells of various types.
         2. Minor Repair
♦ Production of new wells
Flow induction of flowing well, trial production in new wells or new layers and inspections over wellbore can be performed prior to production of producing pipe string.
♦ Maintenance of water, gas and water wells
Inspection of pumps of various types(oil well pump, screw pump, ESP, hydraulic piston pump), maintenance of producing pipe strings in gas wells, water-injection wells and steam-stimulated wells, checking of well bore, sand washing, fracturing, acidization, water blockage, profile- control, prevention of sand production and various other measures.
♦ Conventional workover, fishing and stuck removal operations
Fishing of pipes, strings, cables, wires, tiny parts and other conventional fishes; stuck removal; identification, checking of channel and identification of leakages.
♦ Stuck removal and sand washing in horizontal wells
Spiral flushing for stuck removal, sand washing, water identification and blockage in horizontal wells; continuous nitrogen-foam sand washing and other operations in low-pressure wells.

| Service Example
Until 2013, SPT have completed approximately 7000 well times in Kejiyak Oilfield and KMK Oilfield
in Aktobe, 800 well times in KAMOifiekJ and ADM Oilfield in Kysytortia and 1500 well times in NB Oilfield and MMG Oilfield in Aktau, Kzakhstan
We completed over 1500 wells-times of workover operations in the North Buzachi Oilfield and the Redebai Oilfield in Aktau, Kazakhstan, and provided workover schemes and technical services for workover wells of multiple oilfields.


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