Multilateral Well Technology Service

Multilateral well technology is a new drilling technology by which two or more lateral holes are drilled from an original borehole which may be vertical, directional, or horizontal. A multilateral well can increase the length of wellbores in the reservoir, expand the oil drainage area, enhance the recovery, slow down the coning rate of edge water and bottom water, provide gravity drainage channels, improve the vertical producing degree of oil and gas reservoirs, increase the fracture contact in fractured reservoirs, exploit economically marginal reservoirs and heavy oil reservoirs, and re-use upper intervals, so as to reduce drilling costs, wellhead construction and environmental protection costs and others. Features: By using positioning slide sleeve tools and multilateral well supporting tools, such operations as sidetracking of lateral borehole, recovery of whipstock and re-entry of lateral borehole can be performed.
Drilling process, which mainly includes MillRite milling window system and pre-milled window systems, together with corresponding multilateral well completion system (IsoRite Isolated System, LocRite Self-Locating System and FloRite Multi- String System) can complete multilateral wells of technical standards TAML level 1~5.

We completed the first class-4 dual-lateral well sidetracking operation in the Tarim Oilfield in Dec. 2010, thus creating the record of the largest class-4 multi-lateral well sidetracking depth of 5082 in the world.
Successful sidetracking of this well has played an important role in the oil and gas development planning of the Tarim Oilfield in the future ten years and can provide basic data for further ascertaining Cambrian buried hill reservoir structures, reservoirs and fluid distribution in well areas and increasing production and reserves. In addition, the producing percent of reserves can be increased and the single-well production can be maximized by virtue of horizontal wells.

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