Super-Bond Advanced Anti-channeling Cement Slurry System

Strong sustained gas release through the reaction of cement particle and water that makes cement slurry in liquid outward expansion and becomes gas resistance to the invasion. After static, while cement slurry cementing and expanding rapidly, anti-gas channeling ability of very high.

| Service value > Features
• Strong sustained gas release, cement liquid anti-gas channeling;
• Quickly gel in static condition after the cemen¬ting operation is finished;
• Cement swelling after the solidification;
• Strong thixotropicy properties, after static binding, touch can then flows;
• Low water loss, orthographic bonding and etc. properties.
> Applications
•Anti channeling cementing with density range 1.30 ~ 2.70g/cma;
• Anti channeling cementing tor high temperature and high pressure gas formation;
• Squeezing operation after cementing;
• Long cementing section with high temperature gradient;
• Cementing for salt and gypsum formation;
• Cementing for small gap complicated conditions.

| Service example
A number of problems relating to pay zone with high pressure, serious leakage, narrow pressure window, and easy gas migration existed in casing and cementing of the pay zone in a high pressure gas field in West China. To prevent leakage, the density of cement slurry could be higher than the density of mud slurry by only 0.02g/cm3, but generally it should be the cement slurry with high-density higher than 2.25g/cm3.
The application of this system has solved many problems as mentioned above, and the statistics showed that the cementing quality has been improved from poor in the whole section ~ best by 58% originally to excellent by 75% ~ best by 100% currently.

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