Super-Block Gelling Anti-channeling Cement Slurry System

Filling up by super fine grain and bridging technology, Super-Block is to increase the resistance of gas entered. The primary chemical component is activated silica, gel formed and the bond strength developed when it reacts with Ca(OH)2 through cement hydration process that aim to anti-channeling purpose

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> Features
• Quick bond strength developed to avoid gas influx;
• Micro-expansion of cement to improve quality of bonding interface;
• Strong thixotropy to avoid leakage during WOC;
• Short transitional time for gelling action to avoid channeling and influx during the process of slurry losing weight;
• Filling super fine particle that the cement has low permeability and anticorrosive property;
• The filling particle contains large amount of silica to avoid decreasing cement strength caused by heating process.
> Applications
• Anti-channeling cementing operation with density range 1.30-2.30 g/cm3;
• Low density cementing operations under low pressure and easy lost circulation environment;
• Cementing under low temperature and shallow gas zone condition;
• Long cementing section of large temperature
difference well;
• Cementing of salt and gypsum salt formation;
• Cementing for Small gap complicated conditions;

| Service value example
177.8mm production casing was applied in a cement job for a well in southwestern China.The well has a very narrow pressure window, with measured average equivalent mud density of 1.58g/cm3 in gas layer. Overflow occurred at 1.60 g/cm3, while great loss occurred at 1.65 g/cm3. This slurry system was chosen for cementing from 4650m to the surface with temperature difference between the top and bottom of cementing interval up to 70 °C. As a result, no mud/slurry loss or gas channeling appeared, and the top cement (wellhead) was hardened after 21hrs WOC. This system successfully enabled the cementing for a complex well with long cementing interval under a large temperature difference.

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