Clay-free oil-based drilling fluid system

Clay-free oil-based drilling fluid system is built around a technology that provides significant benefits over the traditional invert emulsion-based fluids currently used. Compared with conventional invert emulsion fluids, clay-free system can build a quick high, yet fragile, low shear gel strengths to help eliminate barite sag. The most important additives in this system are emulsifier and polymer which are the alternative of organ-clay.
> Features:
I Better wellbore cleanness and wellbore stability I Low ECD, low surge/swab pressure, reduce loss risk
I Easy to maintain, less products needed on rig site I Better suspension for barite and no barite sag.
> Application:
In Nov. 2011, SPT applied no clay synthetic drilling fluid system in horizontal wells of PetroChina southwest oil & gas field, which solved the hole cleaning, well collapse and other problems smoothly. When drilled to a depth of 3790m, it successfully across 1045m of shale in horizon section. Compared to the adjacent well, the maximum extension of horizontal section nearly 450m, which deserves affirmation and praise from the Customers.

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