High Density and High Temperature Oil Based Drilling Fluid System

This system is composed of high-temperature organic soil, emulsifier, auxiliary emulsifying agent, fluid loss additive, diesel and calcium chloride.

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> Features
• Density Range: 2.20~2.60g/cm3;
• High temperature resistance above 20Q°C;
• Saturation resistance gypsum/salt pollution;
• High lubricity;
• Strong inhibition for shale formation to make borehole wall more stable.
> Applications

| Service Example
This system is applied for deep well, high deep well, horizontal well, extended reach well, water-sensitive shale formation that water base mud is not the choice, and gypsum/salt (anhydrite) formation.
The high temperature resistant high-density oil base drilling fluid was firstly used in the fourth spudding section (7179.52m) of a “three-high” well in the Tarim Oilfield in Apr. 2010, effectively solving complex problems including ultra-high gypsum salt formations, high pressure saltwater formations, downhole HTHP, etc. in piedmont ultradeep wells and creating PetroChina’s record of the largest land drilling depth of 8023 and also Halliburton’s global record of the highest oil base drilling fluid density.
Four challenges were overcome for this well:

• Favorably drilled through sections including mudstones, alternate layers of mudstones and salt rocks and pure salt rocks, and successfully achieved drilling of the high pressure saltwater formation at 7764m depth without any downhole complex problem;
• The density was changed from 2.35g/cm3 at the beginning to the final completion test density 1.80g/cm3 and the highest drilling density (involving high pressure saltwater formation, killing, etc.) reached 2.46g/ cm3; the density variation amplitude was large, but the drilling fluid properties kept stable all the time;
• The bottom hole temperature increased gradually from 160℃ to 182℃, and various performance indexes the mud were stable;
• After letting the mud stand at 1.80g/cm3 density and 182℃ temperature for 13 days, such phenomena as barite deposition and mud thickening didn’t occur, thus ensuring favorable running of the integrated completion string to the target position, making the water hole through at low pump pressure (7.5Mpa), achieving reverse displacing of organic completion fluids at small displacement, and ensuring favorable implementation of late-stage operations.

Later on, we nicely completed oil base drilling fluid service operations for salt-containing target formations of wells KS101, KS203, KS204 and KS205 etc. in the same way
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