Strong Inhibiting/Polymer Anti-caving Drilling Fluid System

High performance inhibitors as a primary agent associates the inorganic chemicals of polymer, fluid loss additive, anti-caving agent and potassium chloride to compose strong inhibitive, fluorescence-free and environment-friendly water base drilling fluids.

| Service Value
> Features
• High inhibiting ability, more than 95% debris recovery;
• Provide regular and clean wellbore, and prevent borehole from shrinkage and drill pipe stuck;
> Applications
Solve the borehole instability problem for hard brittle compacted shale due to strong water sensitivity and easily hydrated dispersion.

| Service Example
In 2006, DN2-9 in Tarim Oilfield successfully solved the hydration and swelling of shale, eroded block and collapse in the second section with SPT’s strong inhibition/polymer drilling fluid, which ensures the borehole operation and tripping smoothly. This casing running operation with successful logging created the record of one of the fastest wells in this region



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