Fine Managed Pressure Drilling (FMPD) Technology

Fine-managed pressure drilling is an adaptive drilling process used to more precisely control the annular pressure profile throughout the wellbore. The objectives of FMPD are to ascertain the downhole pressure environment and to manage the annular hydraulic pressure profile accordingly. FMPD requires special equipment that controls the adaptive drilling process. FMPD technology is one of the most advanced and sophisticated drilling technologies in the oilfield industry and is mainly applied in regions that have narrow pressure windows and have the tendency to incur well kicks or losses. With the help of FMPD, signs of well kicks or losses can be identified in a timely manner during the drilling process, and suitable measures may be taken immediately to mitigate such kicks or losses. We provide FMPD services through our cooperation with Halliburton.

| Service Value
> Features
Collection of surface and downhole data, using computerized robotic equipment to maintain bottom hole pressure slightly greater than the formation pressure and keep It in stable condition with the pressure fluctuation controlled within 50 PSI.
> Applications
• Solve the narrow pressure window drilling problem while drilling carbonate formation and formations that has the nature of easy loss circulation, pressure sensitive sandstone and etc;
• Decrease or avoid drilling fluid loss (Protect pay zone);
• The ability of horizontally extended-reach to maximize the hydrocarbon bearing formation exposed to the wellbore, and enhances single well production.

| Service Example
Since 2009, SPT has successfully applied the fine managed pressure drilling technology in 3617 wells, and resolved three kinds of complex problems in central Tarim area as well as in Halahatang and Yingmaili areas


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