Side Tracking

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The target for casing window sidetracking is set in the "dead zone" of oilfield, it helps to recover the remaining oil and improves the utilization rate of oil and gas field by changing the fluid flow of reservoir.
This sidetracking can not only revitalize low efficient wells, casing deformed and damaged wells, abandoned wells and edge inefficient wells in old oilfields, to save drilling costs and surface construction costs so as to obtain greater economic benefits, but also can make full use of existing drilling and logging data, to reduce drilling risks, increase resource utilization rate and improve oilfield development results.
                                                                           Side Tracking in well site of Kazakhstan
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Since 2009, SPT has successfully completed the casing window sidetracking in 30 wells in North Buzachi Oilfield, ADM Oilfield and PK Oilfield in Kazakhstan, with an oil reservoir penetration rate up to 100%, visibly shorter drilling cycle, and oil production increased by more than 5 times, thus providing a new scheme to increase the oilfield production.

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