Directional Drilling

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Unlike vertical drilling, directional drilling does not drill vertically into the target region, but is a technique of inclined drilling into the target region by deviating the wellbore from the vertical track. The main advantage of directional drilling over vertical drilling is its ability to drill at certain angles, allowing oil extraction where vertical access is difficult or impossible to achieve. In addition, directional drilling allows more than one well to be drilled from a single surface location and increases the length of the exposed section of the reservoir.
We commenced our directional drilling business in Kazakhstan in 2010, and have completed directional drilling with respect to eight wells to date.
Geo-steering is recognized as one of the most advanced directional drilling methods. Compared with conventional directional drilling-g systems, geo-steering drilling is able to increase ROP and the reservoir-encountered rate, so as to increase the ratio of exposed reservoir. Currently, only a few oil field services companies in the world are capable of providing geo-steering drilling services. We have established a technology-sharing relationship with Halliburton to provide geo-steering services.

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Since 2009, SPT has completed constructions of a number of short-radius horizontal wells in North Buzachi Oilfield in Kazakhstan, accumulatively more than 30 wells for directional drilling and angle correction. During these operations, it used the international advanced LANDMARK drilling engineering software in trajectory design and trajectory prediction, providing a reliable theoretical basis for the construction of horizontal wells; it also used advanced MWD instrument to track and monitor the downhole drilling trajectory in the whole wellbore, through which it can adjust the drilling modes at any time to ensure a target rate by 100%.
Two drilling rigs of 5000m that were put into drilling engineering service in Sulige gas-field in 2013 finished the drilling job of 5 directional wells (including 2 horizontal wells), among which the horizontal drilling on well Su77-21-40H2 hit a record on drilling depth (5628m) and horizontal displacement (2303m) in this field.
Well Sulige Z51-47-16C1 drilled by SPT 2# drilling crew was favorably drilled to 3100m for only 11.33 days in Aug. 2016, thus creating the record of the shortest drilling period in block Z51.

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