Re-creating the New Record of the Largest Completion Depth of a Land Gas Well

 2015-08-04 14:26:00 click

On Jul. 30, 2015, a good news came that we successfully completed the completion engineering of the deepest land gas well (known as “Underground Everest”) up to over 8000m deep in Tarim Keshen block, thus adding another significant chapter to SPT’s achievements.

Kuqa piedmont zone has the deepest reservoir in Tarim and is the key productivity block for the Tarim Oilfield to develop the main oil and gas business and also the most representative “three ultra-high” well area. This well just completed by us is the deepest land gas well and thus has attracted much attention inside and outside the industry. Facing 42℃ air temperature on an average in Jul., our personnel devoted themselves entirely to the operation for the well. Through 15 days of “fight”, the packer was accurately set at 7365.24m and the “Underground Everest” was successfully overcome. Completion test was performed in the target horizon to calculate the product, a 5mm choke was used in open flow, and 30*104m3 daily gas production was obtained. The gas is the deepest land well obtaining industrial oil and gas flows in China up to now.

The “three ultra-high” gas wells in the piedmont zone of the Tarim Oilfield are high-difficulty wells recognized in the industry, each of which is a tough nut to crack. We successfully complete two other deep wells within one week after completion of this well. The isolating position of the packer in one well was at 7503.06m, refreshing the record of the largest setting depth of Halliburton’s 5 -1/2 THT packers; the shut-in wellhead pressure of the other well was 110MPa, creating the new record of the highest shut-in pressure of “three ultra-high” wells in Tarim.

Our successful operations for Tarim ““three ultra-high” wells come from our mature technologies, plentiful experience and strict management. Continuously refreshed data have proven that our completion team is a team which is good at overcoming difficulties and fighting an uphill battle.

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