The First Application of Two Innovative Tools in Ultra-deep High Pressure Gas Well Testing

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Recently, SPT Western Engineering Department has independently invented “a stabilizer for oil well choke pipes” and “a device for sealing grease recovery” and thus has obtained two utility model patents in order to overcome the technical problems involving deep reservoir burial depth, high formation temperature and pressure, complex wellbore conditions, etc. in Keshen gas filed in Kuqa piedmont zone of the Tarim Oilfield.

In Keshen gas field, the reservoir depth exceeds 6500m, the formation temperature and pressure are higher than 165℃ and 116MPa respectively, well conditions are complex, and there are high risks of and large difficulties in data acquisition. In addition, the steel lines used by ultra-deep wells become thick, so the top sheave diameter becomes large accordingly and the moment generated by the top sheave also increases relatively, thus making it difficult to POOH the pressure gauge tool string because of choke pipe bending in the well testing process in Keshen block. Moreover, the block is located in a mountainous region with changeable wind force and wind direction and also at the source of drinking water, and thus environmental protection requirements are also very strict. Our two new tools play a good role in solving the above difficult problems, improving operation accuracy and quality, avoiding pollution and protecting environment.

I. “Choke pipe stabilizer”: distributed in regular triangle; the lubricator and the choke pipe are fixed together, which can not only make the lubricator and the choke pipe concentric but also decompose the moment generated by the top sheave to the choke pipe. The stabilizer is fixed using two rows of steel wires and there is no need for using a crane in the operation period, thus avoiding the impact of long-term crane occupancy and gale. The stabilizer has been used in operations without crane three times in case of >grade 7 wind force.

II. “Sealing grease recovery device”: based on the principle of the oil-gas separator, fluids enter the device along the tangent direction for the first separation of grease from gas, and the top filter screen performs the second separation, thus affectively avoiding surface pollution during pressure relief.

The above technical transformations and technical innovations have brought over 10,00 million revenues to SPT in 2015-2016. SPT (Xinjiang) has obtained the scientific research project “Application of DPT Downhole Temperature and Pressure Data Acquisition Technology in Ultra-Deep High Pressure Gas Wells” in 2016 through these technical innovations and transformations.


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