Environment-friendly Dual-micro Technology for Oilfield Wastewater Treatment

A series of innovative products and complete sets of systems developed by SPT through many years of R&D accumulation on the basis of thorough improvement of the traditional filtering technology, mainly including new filtering equipment and filtering materials as well as integrated solutions, a complete set of feasible and effective filtering technology development platform and database 
| Features and innovations 
New filtering equipment:
(1) Unique internal structure;
(2) Unique backwashing technology and equipment;
(3) Unique control and treatment technology and equipment;
(4) Unique integrated solution module for SS removal
New filtering materials:
(1) Microporous unshaped filtering materials
(2) Microporous surface (porosity up to 80%)
(3) Existence of micro-pores on skeleton
(4) Different nanometer coatings (static coatings and dynamic coatings)
(5) Oil repellent characteristic, non-sticky
(6) Low density, specific gravity: 1.1-1.2
(7) Cheaper than ultrafiltration membranes, without flow attenuation
(8) Cheaper than ceramic membranes, without blockage

| Application Effect
The polymer-containing wastewater micro-filtering technology was listed as the field test project of No.5 Oil Production Plant, Daqing Oilfield in Mar. 2014 to probe into the polymer-containing wastewater treatment problem. The system was put into site operation in May 2015. It reached the effluent water quality “5.5.2” index as required by project setup and obtained grade I technology innovation prize of No.5 Oil Production Plant. 

Equipment and construction site photo


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