SPT Energy Group, one of the leading non-stated owned oilfield service providers in China, has always been committed to addressing issues confronted by our customers with an ultimate goal of improving their exploration efficiency while minimizing their production cost. Thanks to our endeavor, today we have grown to be an integrated oilfield solver providing solutions from project design, field operations to tools manufacture over spectrum of drilling, completion, reservoir, workover and fishing.

SPT has marked its footprint across the world by establishing branches, modem operational bases or R&D and manufacture centers in Chinese cities like Beijing, Tangu of Tianjin, Xi’an, Chongqing, Korla of Xinjiang region and in overseas markets, e.g. Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan; Ashgabat, Turkmenistan; Dubai, UAE; Jakarta, Indonesia; Calgary, Canada and Singapore. We have made our way to be listed in the main board of HK Stock Exchange in 2011 and has more than 3000 employees around the world by the end of 2016.

Through development over a decade, while extending its tentacles to all major oil and gas fields in China, SPT also attracts many overseas clients in dozens of countries and regions and develops partnership with most of them. So far SPT has stood out to become a prominent brand amid Chinese energy industry.


  • High-Tech Experiences

      SPT has made operational records for
    deep and ultra-deep wells by applying
    high techin domestic and worldwide drilling
    and completion operations, especially during the
    operations for high pressure well, high
    temperature well and high sulfur-gas well.

  • Worldwide Operations

    SPT has extended its business footsteps across a
    dozen of countries in North America, Central Asia,
    Middle East and South East Asia as early as
    2000. After years of efforts, it has accumulated rich
    trans-cultural operation and management experience
    as well as strong resources integration capability.
    Currently over 50% of its revenue could be
    attributed to international business

  • Integrated Service

    Incorporating Geoscience study, optimization
    of project design, preparation of equipment,
    field operations and improvement of customer‘s
    feedback, SPT is able to provide single well service,
    integrated service and turnkey service for drilling,
    completion and production.



Calgary Manufacturing Center

Taking PPS as the main body, the Center is headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Since its foundation in 1999, the Center has been committed to developing and producing high quality pressure and temperature monitoring systems to the global oil and gas industries. The Center pays attention to customer services in the product use process and has established a perfect, quick and highly effective customer service system.

The Center now can produce high performance and high quality downhole electronic pressure gauges, thermometers, surface data recorders, permanent downhole monitoring systems, geothermal measuring and recording instruments and various LWD/MWD instruments. In addition, the Center provides relevant project design and management, field operation and maintenance services.

Currently, the series downhole electronic pressure gauges manufactured by the Center have become the leading products in the industry and can work at 225℃ for continuous 15 days. The pulse connected MWD tool on which a downhole test was competed in 2014 can achieve high transmission rate (2 pulses/second) services at 140MPa pressure and 175℃ temperature.

Singapore Manufacturing Center

The SPT Singapore Manufacturing Center, located in the Tuas industrial area of Singapore and founded in 2009, provides a comprehensive lines of Technologically- Advanced Products and Engineering Services, including Drilling and Completion Fluid Systems, Solids-Control Equipment, Waste-Management Services, Production Chemicals, Fishing Tools, Drilling Tools, Under-Reamers Casing Exits and Multilateral Systems, Safety Valve Systems, Packers Systems, Flow Control Systems, Workover Systems, Downhole Pressure & Temperature Gauge solutions and Shale Gas Completion Systems. The center also offers Supply-Chain Management Solutions through its branch networks in China and Canada providing pipe, valves, fitting, mill, safety system and other maintenance products.

The completion solution offered by Singapore Manufacturing Center, known to all for its "high starting point and striving for perfection", has been applied successfully in China and promoted to other areas of the world.

Tianjin Manufacturing Center

Located in Tanggu Marine High-Tech Development Zone, SPT Tianjin Manufacturing Center mainly focuses on Oil and Gas Downhole Tools and R & D, Manufacturing, Sales and Services.

Its main product include Sand Screens, Completion Tools, Shale Gas Equipment and Oil & Water Swellable Packers.

The manufacturing center already signed screen pipe licensing agreement with Halliburton to be enlisted as its supplier after passing ISO9110 Quality Management System in 2007 and API authentication in 2008. In 2005, SPT built a Super Center in the Tanggu Marine High-Tech Development Zone. The plant covers a construction area of 43,526 square meters. By integrating various functions like daily running, manufacturing, R&D, trial, cell testing, assembling, pressure gauges maintenance, warehousing, OEM and training into the center, its production and R&D ability has been largely reinforced.

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