QHSE Certificates


We promise that the QHSE management level of products and services is improved through institutionalized and normalized scientific management. We consistently deem that the world’s most important resources are mankind itself and the natural environment each person depends on for survival. Protecting the environment, personnel health and the safety of life and property is one of our core tasks. In order to obtain and keep good QHSE performance, we seriously promise to employees, customers and society:

  •  To abide by the laws and regulations of the country and region and respect the local customs;
  •  To protect environment, reasonably utilize resources, and be committed to sustainable development;
  •  To persist in the QHSE objective “prevention first and pursuing for zero damage, zero accident and zero loss”;
  •  To optimize the configuration of human resources, material resources and financial resources, and continuously improve QHSE management;
  •  That the Top Management at each level is the first person responsible for QHSE, and QHSE performance and achievements are the important basis for rewarding, punishing and employing personnel;
  •  To carry out QHSE training, and establish and maintain HSE enterprise culture;
  •  We treat QHSE with consistent attitude at any business field in world-wide range.

 Guidelines and Polices

  • Philosophy

    “Prevention First, People-oriented“
    ​“Good Faith-based, Quality First”

  • Principles

    The person in charge should take the responsibility
    Be sure to manage both production and safety
    Localized management

  • Guideline

    Safety the First and Prevention the Primary; People-oriented and Cherishing Life
    Ensuring Quality, Customers First; Respect for Nature and cherish Environment

  • Objective

    0 accident, 0 injury, 0 loss

 Management System

The HSE management system of SPT is guiding document for its QHSE management and is regulatory in SPT.
The HSE management system is a continuously improved management system formed on the basis of the clauses applicable to SPT management in ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 referring to and absorbing the relevant QHSE management elements in domestic and foreign advanced management modes.

 Management Architecture

SPT has a safety production management committee which is fully responsible for the safety production work of SPT. The safety production management committee includes safety committee office and the safety committees of all major sectors/subsidiaries, which are responsible for the routine safety management work of all major sectors/subsidiaries. The operation screw of each project department has an HSE leading group to achieve HSE management networking and comprehensive management.

 Operation Requirements

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