Conventional Reservoir Stimulation Technology

1. Conventional Fracturing Technology
Conventional fracturing technology is applied to overcome the commom question in oilfield, widely for a long time, maturely technically with reliable post-production, low cost.

| Service Value
> Features
• The technology is mature and suitable for mutil-ple well conditions;
• The technology enjoys a low cost and is easy for large scale promotion.
> Solution of problems
• To solve the problem related to stimulation of re-servoirs with low-permeability;
• To improve and develop well patterns, and im-prove recovery rate.

| Service Cases
Well conditions: A well in PK Oilfield in Kazakh has a fracturing target layer with a depth of 1,765m, reservoir thickness of 8 m, porosity of 13%, central pressure of 15MPa, and a water layer of 4m under the lower barrier of 7m. It was a low-yielding well before fracturing.
Challenges: As the barrier is thin, hydraulic fractures might easily extend to the water layer, resulting in a failure of stimulation; serious leakoff and low liquid efficiency exist in the layers with medium and high permeability, and sand off and sand block would occur easily during conventional sand fracturing in the wells in the same block.
Results: After application of resin coated sand sedimentation fracturing process, 20t sand was added successfully; the well started to flow after fracturing, with daily oil output increased by 27m3 without water produced, showing significant stimulation effects.

2. Acidizing Technology Matrix Acidizing
​It is a kind of stimulation technology with acid injected into formation pore to solve particle and bulkhead, removing pollution near wellbore, having recovery even increasement of reservoir permeability, finally making well recover from production or even increase its production. Acidfractring technology is such kind of stimula¬tion technology , pumping acid into formation and creating etching fractures to improve flow condition and make the well get more production. The stimulation technologies include sandstone acidizing (acidfracturing) technology and carbonate formation acidizing (acidfracturing) technology.

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