Geo Steering Technology

Geo Steering Technology uses gamma ray at bit to get wellbore azimuth and inclination for drilling the horizontal or directional well without drillinga pilot hole. The precise formation information is provided to the oil companies for decision making. This technology can be applied to thin bed complex reservoir development. Formation thickness ranges from 0.5 ~ 1m and drilling rate is above 85%.

| Service Value
> Features
Azimuth gamma at bit is able to tell how the wellbore goes through the oil zone precisely and adjust the direction promptly once the drill bit closes to the formation boundary.
> Applications
• Thin bed complex formation;
• Conventional directional drilling technology is not able to accomplish the drilling task;
• Drill horizontal well near formation top which is parallel to the sand shale boundary for the thick hydrocarbon bearing formation with high water saturation;
• Drill horizontal well without drilling a pilot hole.

| Service Example
We completed rotary geosteering operations for 9 wells of an oilfield in Southwest China, including 6 double-stepped horizontal wells with thin sand beds: vertical depth of the horizontal section more than 5000m, the minimum pay zone thickness 0.4m, and the average drilling ratio of pay zones more than 90%. 

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