Main Strategic Partners

As the leading non-state-owned comprehensive oilfield service provider in China, SPI has strategically cooperated with Halliburton for over 10 years, involving a wide range of fields such as completion, fracturing, product supply, distribution, agency, etc.:

2004——Both the Parties cooperated and provided well completion services for a high-pressure gas well for the first time in the Tarim Oilfield, and successfully completed an oil and gas well completion operation at a well with high temperature of 165°C, depth of 6934m and an ultra high pressure of 90Mpa for formation; In addition, Both the Parties cooperated and successfully completed the well completion operation for the first 18 gas wells at the Sangji gas field for the “West-East Natural Gas Transmission Project”, thereby establishing our position as a leading provider of well completion services in the Tarim Oilfield.

2007——SPT executed cooperation agreement with Halliburton to become its worldwide supplier of sand control screens. In the same year, SPT formed strategic alliance with Halliburton to provide oilfield services to CNPC’s Tarim Oilfield and Jidong Oilfield.

2011——now: SPT has renewed the cooperation agreement and product agency agreement with Halliburton in the Tarim Oilfield and the cooperation between both the Parties has been deepened continuously.

Other strategic cooperation partners:

We keep long-term good cooperation relationship with the oil and gas companies in the industry, international leading oilfield service companies and industrial R&D institutions.

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