Win over high-valued drilling and completion engineering contracts in 2 platforms in Sichuan


Well Z51-47-16C1 drilled by us for Sulige project of Western International Drilling Company has created the record of the largest drilling speed increasing amplitude in this block up to now;
The state-of-art technology——submersible direct-driven screw pump oil production system independently developed was successfully applied in Kazakhstan;
FulconFracTM Full Fracture Conductivity Fracturing Technology was successfully applied in field test in Xinjiang.


The purchased coiled tubing operation equipment was put into operation;
Began to cooperate with Weatherford and became its product agent.


The purchased HQ-2000 fracturing truck unit was put into formal operation.
Obtained the agent qualification in GE Waukesha engine series products.


Successfully exploited Iraq service market and got the first operation contract in Iraq market;
Signed strategic cooperation agreement with CNPC (Turkmenistan) Amu Darya Natural Gas Company for all-   round   cooperation in the fields involving oilfield management, integrated drilling and completion operation, etc.


Established in Beijing the first gas training and consulting center in China in cooperation with American Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and entered into a cooperation framework agreement, so as to provide those engaged in shale gas exploration and development in China with training and consulting services.


Got listed in HKEx (stock code: 01251)

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